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Get A Comprehensive Suite Of Medical Billing Solutions

Medical billers and coders are the invisible engines of practice as they are responsible to bring revenue growth to a healthcare facility. Therefore, providers should only rely on the best-in-class talent for medical billing services. M Billing Services meets your billing staffing needs and offers reliable medical billing outsourcing services.

With an extensive experience of 13 years in medical billing and healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM), we leverage our expertise to boost your business productivity and financial resilience.

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We Improve Your Finances While You Focus On Your Patients

Medical billing is quite a challenging aspect of a healthcare practice. Providers can navigate through this challenge easier with the right insights and powerful support. M Billing Services is a HIPAA-compliant medical billing company in the USA that offers you the best solutions to help yachieveeive your business goals.

Deliver Better & Satisfactory Patient Care Services

Did you know, 70% of healthcare providers tend to outsource medical billing services in America? While outsourcing is not a new concept, it could be difficult to the best among the plethora of options. Here’s when M Billing Services comes to save you.

We provide the best traits of all medical billing solutions to all healthcare providers irrespective of their specialty. With a proven track record of awesome results and satisfied clients, we are aimed to empower every healthcare providers with reliable, secure and cost-effective medical billing outsourcing services.

So healthcare providers only pay attention on delivering quality patient care services. While we make their healthcare revenue cycle management completely pain-free for their staff.

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We Provide Reliable Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing and Coding procedures are the backbone of finances for every healthcare practice. Any slight coding error, late submission of medical claims, or incoordination with any payer can lead to drastic results on a large-scale. However, if done correctly, your can discover potential revenue growth opportunities with medical billing and coding services.

Here’s when M Billing Services come into the picture to save your practice from billing malfunctions. Our certified medical billing and coding team reviews your individual claims, follows workflow protocols and complies with legal requirements to submit your medical bills accurately and promptly. Following HIPAA data security protocols are the foundation of our services which ensures the reliability of our medical billing solutions.

We Provide Professional Medical Coding Services

Our AAPC-certified medical coders are well-experienced in the application of accurate CPT, ICD, and HCPCS codes. We keep up with the changes and latest editions of medical codes. That’s how we help doctors, physicians, and practitioners to integrate regular billing and coding changes in their practice management system and upgrade their billing operations accordingly.

We review your medical bills to ensure the accuracy of medical codes and remove every error to prevent your claims from denials and rejections. Our medical coding team also reports every error to your office staff so they can also make adjustments at their end. This is how we support your office staff to give the best of their performance and contribute to your practice’s growth.


We Provide Reliable EHR Solutions

M Billing Services provides a well-encrypted EHR solution at easily affordable rates. Our medical billing team also assist you with data management and maintaining your EHR. However, we also adopt a flexible approach in this regard. We don’t ask you to buy a new IT setup or medical billing software. Because our medical billing team is experienced with almost all popular medical billing software i.e. Kareo, CureMD, CareCloud, AdvancedMD, etc. So we can help you automate your billing operations with any software of your choice. Hence, we don’t require any capital investment or cost overhead for shifting to a new setup.

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