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About Us

About Us

About M Billing Services

Founded in 2019, M Billing Services has a professional medical billing team that has been helping practitioners, physicians, and doctors with billing tasks for over a decade. Powered by mHospital, it is a billing venture that provides HIPAA-compliant medical billing and healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) outsourcing services. We provide you with the best talent for medical billing and coding tasks who streamline your reimbursement model from a remote location.

MHospital is the nation’s largest digital network of healthcare providers in the USA. We’re helping doctors, physicians, therapists, and practitioners to connect with their patients easily and also build a profound relationship with their payers.


Better Solutions! More Revenue

Our vision for the M Billing Services is to help healthcare practices consolidate their business solutions with innovative medical billing solutions. So they can leverage an increased first-pass resolution rate (when claims are resolved at the first attempt of submission) and increase their revenue collection without any hassle. We want healthcare providers to get free from the shackles of increasing bad debt or account receivables and deliver satisfactory patient care services. For us, empowering healthcare providers financially is proportional to better healthcare & well being of our community.
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We Offer Cost-Effective Medical Billing Services

M Billing Services provides highly cost-effective medical billing services. We only charge a fixed percentage (based on the size and specialty) from the revenue we collect on your behalf after submitting your claims. Not only do we help you discover new financial opportunities but we also help you reduce your cost overheads. We provide the best-of-breed medical billing services in partnership with your office to bring the best out of your practice at a very low cost.

We Provide Reliable, Secure & Compliant Solutions

Our AAPC-certified medical billing and coding specialists are well-versed in the legal obligations of billing procedures. Therefore, we provide compliant medical billing services to all healthcare providers according to their state billing rules and regulations. We also meet the unique requirements of each specialty in the medical field with custom-tailored medical billing solutions. M Billing Services is strictly obliged to follow HIPAA data security protocols and offer highly secured medical billing solutions.